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Proposed Administrative Orders, Assurances of Discontinuance, and Citations


The NRB posts proposed Administrative Orders (AOs), Assurances of Discontinuance (AODs), and Civil Citations to this website for 30 days for public comment. Any person may submit comments during that period by clicking the "Submit Comment" link beneath each proposed enforcement action. All comments will be reviewed and posted on the Enforcement Actions Public Comments page.  All comments that were received in a timely manner will be filed with the Superior Court, Environmental Division with the final enforcement action.

An aggrieved person who commented during the comment period can file a motion for permissive intervention with the Superior Court, Environmental Division within 14 days of the filing date in accordance with 10 V.S.A. §8020.

Proposed Administrative Orders​

Proposed Assurances of Discontinuance

Proposed Citations

  • none at this time