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Contact your local District Coordinator who will help you determine whether you need an Act 250 permit.

Act 250 Permit Application

Application forms (link)

Certification of Actual Construction Costs (link)

If you need assistance or have questions about filling out the application, we encourage you to schedule a pre-application meeting with the Act 250 District Coordinator, who will discuss your project with you and provide guidance on filling out the required forms. If you feel you need more substantial support, you are welcome to hire a private Act 250 consultant.

General Act 250 Application Submission Guidelines

Act 250 Application Guide

See the Act 250 Application Guide for specific instructions on application submission, which is particularly helpful for first-time applicants and also includes contact information for our organization and other state agencies. In general, applicants must submit 1 electronic application and all accompanying electronic documents (including any site plans), 1 complete set of paper site plans, and the fee check to the designated District Office  (applicants of District 2 may forego submitting the set of paper site plans—the electronic version will suffice). The electronic files populate the Act 250 Database, which facilitates applicants', state agency staff's, and the general public's access to Act 250 documents. The paper set of site plans will be primarily used for quick reference at the District Office or as a backup during hearings.

The Additional Resources page contains other useful information for applicants.

Act 250 Application Form, Schedule G, Exhibit List, and Statutory Party List(s)

The Act 250 Application Form and Schedule G are PDF-fillable forms. The application form automatically adjusts its questions and the information required based on your responses in the application and the nature of the project. Schedule G is now a separate form to ease applicant submission to the Statutory Parties. Schedule G must be saved to your computer and then completed and submitted via e-mail, as instructed in the Act 250 Application Guide, to the Statutory Parties associated with your project. You will also need to download the Exhibit List form to your computer, complete it, and submit it with your electronic application as instructed in the Act 250 Application Guide.

Certification of Actual Construction Costs

Certification of Actual Construction Costs form must be filed within 1 month after construction has been substantially completed or 2 years from the date of the permit, whichever occurs first.

Act 250 Application Forms and Resources

A. Standard Act 250 Application Form:

For a complete set of instructions on how to complete the requisite forms and submit them to the appropriate Act 250 District Office, please download a copy of the guide below:

To file an Act 250 application, download, complete, and submit all three forms below: 

  1. Act 250 Application Form         (**If you have trouble downloading this form, see Tips.**)
  2. Schedule G “Notice of Initial Application Filing” Form        (**If you have trouble downloading this form, see Tips.**)
  3. Exhibit List

Note: We periodically update the Act 250 Application form. For a list of recent changes to the form, please see our Act 250 Application Revision History.

B. Statutory Party List (email addresses, district-based):

C. Party Status Petition Form

Use the Party Status Petition form as a guide to draft a written party status petition or to request a hearing on an application that has been designated as a "minor" by the District Environmental Commission.

D. Post-Construction Forms:

Certification of Actual Construction Costs

For instructions on how and when to submit this form, see above. If you are not which of these three forms applies to your application, please contact your District Coordinator for the date your application was deemed complete.

Tips for Working with the Act 250 Application Forms

The Act 250 Application Form is a PDF-fillable form (i.e., a "smart-form") that has replaced the original Regular (Long Form), Short Form, Extension of Construction Completion Date, and Administrative Amendment Forms. You will need to download and save the form to your computer for completion and submission to the designated District Office. The PDF form meets the requirements for the electronic copy of the application required according to our electronic submission guidelines (instructions are contained in the Act 250 Application Guide).

"Please wait" error:

  • To download the form, first click on the form link, which will open the form in your Internet browser. If you receive a "Please wait ..." message, (which can happen with certain web browsers that do not support PDF), with your cursor hovering over the PDF file name, right click with your mouse and in the drop-down menu that opens, choose "Save target as..." (variations, depending on the browser may include "Save link as...", "Save linked file as...", etc). If you do not have a PDF reading program, you can download Adobe Reader for free, which allows you to open, save to your computer, and fill in the PDF forms. Please note that Adobe Reader version 9 or higher is necessary for the form to function properly. 

Save target as a PDF to download to your desktop rather than double-clicking to open and download the file.

Save to your computer first and save often!

  • To avoid losing information you enter into the application form, be sure to save all forms to your computer before you start filling them in. Once saved to your computer, be sure to save periodically thereafter as you work through the form.

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