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Statutes, Rules and Policies

See the Act 250 Statute (10 V.S.A. Chapter 151) for detailed information about the provisions of  the law,  including the 10 Criteria.  The Act 250 Rules, promulgated by the Natural Resources Board, provide additional guidance regarding  the implemention of the law, including the Act 250 application and hearing process.  The NRB Rules of Procedure govern the operation of the Natural Resources Board, such as rulemaking , meetings, and procedures for filings. The Environmental Citations Rules  address the issuance of citations to resolve environmental violations of the statute, rules and permits under the jurisisdition of the Natural Resources Board.

Prior versions of the Act 250 Statute and Act 250 Rules are also available on the Archived Statute and Rules page.

Important guidelines, policies and procedures regarding the interpretation of specific statutory language and and administrative procedure are listed on the Guidelines, Policies and Procedures page.

The  District Commission Training Manual includes a chapter describing each of the Act 250 criteria in detail, including the statutory language of each criterion, the analysis conducted by the Commission, and relevant caselaw citations.