Reporting a Violation

Click here: Act 250 Violation Report Form

To report a violation of Act 250, please press the green button above to fill out the reporting form, and send by email to or mail a printed paper copy to:

NRB Enforcement
10 Baldwin Street
Montpelier, VT 05633-3201

ANR Violations

Some Act 250 violations also involve violations of Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) permits or regulations. The Natural Resources Board (NRB) coordinates closely with ANR on such cases. See the ANR’s Environmental Compliance Division page for more information and to access the ANR Environmental Violation Report complaint form.

Additional contact information is in the block at the bottom of this webpage.


Do I Need an Act 250 Permit?

How Do I Apply for an Act 250 Permit?

Act 250 Criteria

Act 250 Database

Natural Resources Atlas

Act 250 Permit Process Survey Form - (non-front page)

Act 250 Enforcement Officers

Please send information, including report forms, photos, and maps, to our Enforcement Team at 

Michaela Stickney
Tel. (802) 585-4046

Kaitlin Hayes
Tel. (802) 622-4084


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