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Please be aware that some independent online entities are charging a fee to download and/or print versions of our forms. This website and anrOnline are the only official sources for Act 250 forms. Contact your Act 250 district office if you have questions.

Need Help?

Contact your local District Coordinator who will help you determine whether you need an Act 250 permit. Look up the district by town.

The Act 250 Permit Application Process

How to access Act 250 application forms

The Act 250 application forms and Application Guide are available from the "Act 250 Permit Application" page. If you need assistance working with the application and/or the Guide or you do not have electronic access, please contact the appropriate Act 250 District Office for the town or city where your property is located. Note: Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are the preferred Internet browsers to access and work in the application portal. For more information, please refer to the Act 250 Application Guide.

What is the difference between a “minor” and a “major” application review?

Once you have submitted a complete application, the District Environmental Commission will determine whether it will be processed using the "minor" or "major" review process. Applications that have thoroughly addressed all of the Act 250 criteria, and which present no significant adverse impact under any of the criteria can be reviewed using the minor process. No hearing is held for a minor application unless an interested party, a local or state agency, or the District Commission requests one. Major application reviews require a public hearing before the District Commission. For both major and minor application reviews, a notice is published in a local newspaper and sent directly to adjoining property owners, interested state agencies, and local and regional officials.  See chart below for an overview.

Do you need assistance filling out Act 250 application forms?

We encourage you to schedule a pre-application meeting with the Act 250 District Coordinator, who will discuss your project with you and provide guidance on filling out the required forms. If you feel you need more substantial support in preparing the application, you are welcome to hire a private consultant.

"permit application process flowchart from start to finish"