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RE: Wildcat Construction Co., Inc., Land Use Permit #6F0283 and #6F0283-1-EB, Appeal and Revocation, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order, Docket #458 (Oct. 4, 1991) PDF icon 6f0283-1-eb-fco.pdf Decisions 04 Oct 1991 PDF
PRS 6: Alburgh Community Child Care Facility, Alburg, VT; December 5, 2018 PDF icon PRS6AlburghCommunityChildCareFacilityAlburg12518.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 05 Dec 2018 PDF
RE: Eaglewood XI, Ltd., Land Use Permit #9A0151-EB, Notice of Dismissal, Docket #279 (Feb. 18, 1986) PDF icon 9a0151-eb-dis.pdf Decisions 18 Feb 1986 PDF
Judgment Order and Final Citation - Red Barn Brewing PDF icon red barn-order and citation.pdf Final Citations 02 Feb 2016 PDF
RE: Quechee Lakes Corp. and James B. Anderson, Esq. and Ridge Condominiums, Land Use Permit #3W0364-1A-EB, Supplemental Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order, Docket #253 (Apr. 22, 1993) PDF icon 3w0364-1a-eb-supp-fco.pdf Decisions 22 Apr 1993 PDF
RE: In re McDonald’s Corporation, Rutland, Vermont, Land Use Permit #1R0477-5-EB, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order, Docket #747 (Dec. 7, 2000) PDF icon 1r0477-5-eb-fco.pdf Decisions 07 Dec 2000 PDF
Re: Equinox Resort Associates, L.P., Land Use Permit Amendment #8B0209-5-EB (Revocation Petition), Chair's Memorandum to Parties, Docket #668 (June 1, 1998) PDF icon 8b0209-5-eb-revoc-cmtp.pdf Decisions 01 Jun 1998 PDF
Superior Court, Environmental Division Order - Jack Bowen PDF icon bowen-order.pdf Final Assurances of Discontinuance 12 Aug 2013 PDF
JO #2-257 Reconsideration; David Chaves, Londonderry; October 15, 2008 PDF icon 2-257reconsideration.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 15 Oct 2008 PDF
Third Public Forum on Act 250 Planned for South Royalton on July 25, 2018 PDF icon Act 250 So. Royalton Press Release.pdf Press Releases 18 Jul 2018 PDF


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