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RE: "The Switchyard" c/o Myron Hunt, Land Use Permit #6F0192-3-EB, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order, Docket #204 (Oct. 17, 1983) PDF icon 6f0192-3-eb-fco.pdf Decisions 17 Oct 1983 PDF
RE: Ronald L. Saldi, Sr. and Town of Barre and Barre Area Development, Inc., Application #5W1088-1-EB, #5W0308-19-EB, #5W1088-1-EB (Revised) and #5W0308-19-EB (Revised) (consolidated), Memorandum of Decision, Docket #653M1 (Oct. 1, 1996) PDF icon 5w1088-1-eb-cons-mod.pdf Decisions 01 Oct 1996 PDF
JO #3-132; Brad and Susan Calhoun; James Vance Subdivision, Topsham, March 4, 2009 PDF icon 3-132.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 04 Mar 2009 PDF
Final Assurance of Discontinuance - Richard Werner and Regina Werner - d/b/a W and B Maintenance PDF icon werner-aod.pdf Final Assurances of Discontinuance 26 Jun 2012 PDF
PRS-4: Slink's Garage Lot 10, Milton; February 7, 2019 PDF icon PRS-4-Slinks-Garage-Lot-10-Milton-February-7-2019.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 07 Feb 2019 PDF
RE: State of Vermont / Agency of Transportation, Highway Projects STP 9268(15) and STP 9234(15), Declaratory Ruling Request #288, Memorandum of Decision Pertaining to Motion for Remand, DR#288 (Oct. 22, 1993) PDF icon dr288-mfr-mod.pdf Decisions 22 Oct 1993 PDF
RE: Old Mill Pond, Inc. and Paul Belaski, Land Use Permit Amendment #2S0753-EB, Docket #401 (Apr. 24, 1989) PDF icon 2s0753-eb-lup.pdf Decisions 24 Apr 1989 PDF
RE: Hannaford Brothers Co. and Southland Enterprises, Inc., Land Use Permit Amendment #4C0238-5-EB, Docket #791 (Apr. 9, 2002) PDF icon 4c0238-5-eb-lup.pdf Decisions 09 Apr 2002 PDF
Act 250 Rules (effective May 1, 2006) PDF icon 2006rules.pdf Rules 01 May 2006 PDF
RE: Spear Street Associates, Land Use Permit Amendment #4C0489-1-EB, Memorandum of Decision and Entry Order, Docket #213 (Apr. 4, 1984) PDF icon 4c0489-1-eb-mod.pdf Decisions 04 Apr 1984 PDF


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