File Name File Category Date File Formatsort descending
JO 7-325; Burklyn Inn, LLC attn: Jim Crone; Burke, VT; May 5, 2022 PDF icon JO 7-325.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 05 May 2022 PDF
RE: Mt. Mansfield Co., Inc. d/b/a/ Stowe Mountain Resort, Application #5L1125-10 and 10R-EB (Base Lodge), Memorandum of Decision Pertaining to Motion to Alter, Docket #639R3 (Jul. 29, 1997) PDF icon 5l1125-10-10r-eb-bl-mta-mod.pdf Decisions 29 Jul 1997 PDF
PRS-4: 556 Malletts Bay Avenue BLA and Replacement WW, Colchester; April 1, 2019 PDF icon PRS-4-556-Malletts-Bay-Ave-Colchester-040119.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 01 Apr 2019 PDF
RE: J. D. Apartment Corporation, Land Use Permit #1R0408-3-EB, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order, Docket #224 (Dec. 19, 1984) PDF icon 1r0408-3-eb-fco.pdf Decisions 19 Dec 1984 PDF
A. Jay Kenlan (2) PDF icon kenlan 7-11-14.pdf Public Comments (Enforcement) 11 Jul 2014 PDF
RE: River Station Properties III, LLC, Land Use Permit #5W1436-EB, Memorandum of Decision (Interlocutory Appeal), Docket #854 (October 14, 2004) PDF icon 5W1436-eb-mod.pdf Decisions 14 Oct 2004 PDF
RE: Okemo Mountain, Inc., Land Use Permit #2S0351-10-EB (Revised), Docket #408 (Feb. 14, 1991) PDF icon 2s0351-10-eb-rev-lup.pdf Decisions 14 Feb 1991 PDF
JO #4-220 Reconsideration; Eric Knudsen, Esq.; Baldwin Property, Hinesburg, December 2, 2009 PDF icon 4-220 reconsideration.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 02 Dec 2009 PDF
RE: Dale E. Percy, Inc., Declaratory Ruling #251, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order, DR#251 (Mar. 26, 1992) PDF icon dr251-fco.pdf Decisions 26 Mar 1992 PDF
RE: Berlin Associates, Ltd., Land Use Permit Amendment #5W0584-2-EB (Revised), Docket #250 (Mar. 6, 1985) PDF icon 5w0584-2-eb-revised-lup.pdf Decisions 06 Mar 1985 PDF


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