File Name File Category Datesort ascending File Format
PRS-4: 41 Alpine Drive Failed WW System, Jericho; July 28, 2020 PDF icon PRS-4-41AlpineDrive-Jericho-072820.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 28 Jul 2020 PDF
PRS-4: BETA Hangar Addition, South Burlington; July 24, 2020 PDF icon PRS-4-BETA-SouthBurlington-072420.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 24 Jul 2020 PDF
Natural Resources Board Meeting Agenda PDF icon NATURAL RESOURCES BOARD SPECIAL BOARD MEETING Agenda 07-28-20.pdf 24 Jul 2020 PDF
PRS-8: Blue Flame Gas Company Propane Storage and Delivery, Landgrove; July 22, 2020 PDF icon PRS-8-BlueFlameGasCompanyPropaneStorageDelivery-Landgrove-07-22-20.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 22 Jul 2020 PDF
PRS-1: Miller-Base Camp Outfitters, Killington; July 22, 2020 PDF icon PRS-1-MillerBaseCampOutfitters-Killington-07-22-20.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 22 Jul 2020 PDF
07-14-2020 NRB Board Meeting Minutes - Draft PDF icon 07-14-2020 NATURAL RESOURCES BOARD MEETING Minutes DRAFT.pdf Board Minutes 17 Jul 2020 PDF
PRS-4: Hula Redevelopment Project, Burlington; July 16, 2020 PDF icon PRS-4-HulaRedevelopment-Burlington-071620.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 16 Jul 2020 PDF
PRS-1: Turco Building-Garrow Dog Daycare, Clarendon; July 16, 2020 PDF icon PRS-1-TurcoBuildingGarrowDogDaycare-Clarendon-07-16-20.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 16 Jul 2020 PDF
PRS-8: Northeastern Baptist College Housing, Bennington; July 16, 2020 PDF icon PRS-8-NortheasternBaptistCollegeHousing-Bennington-07-16-20.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 16 Jul 2020 PDF
PRS-4: Catamount Community Forest Trail and Park Improvements, Williston; July 15, 2020 PDF icon PRS-4-CatamountTrail-Williston-071520.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 15 Jul 2020 PDF


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