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New Act 250 Online Application Portal!

Act 250 Online Application & Expanded Database

Over the last several years, the NRB/Act 250 has been developing an entirely web-based application portal combined with access to improved database functionality. Below is a list of some of the changes you can expect to see that will enhance end-users' experience. The new system launched February 1, 2022.

Click here for an overview. Clear here for our instructional page.

If you have any questions about the new system or how it will impact you, please contact us; we'd be happy to assist you.

What's New?

Application Forms

  • Every type of Act 250 application and corresponding Certification of Actual Constructions Costs, when applicable, can be filled in and submitted online via a web-based portal
  • Supporting documents can still be uploaded to our FTP site (see application guide)
  • Your progress filling out the online forms is autosaved every time you advance to the next section (avoids large data losses)
  • You can add collaborators to your application for co-completion (seapplication guide)
  • Application submission is allowed only when all required questions have been answered (the more complete the application, the more timely our staff's review)
  • You can track your application's progress

Public Act 250 Database

  • New data provided for each record such as
    • Permit/decision processing times
    • Project type (Commercial, Mixed Use, Municipal, Residential, Ski Resort, or State)
    • Expanded types of statuses (i.e., now a variety of pending statuses to better understand stage of processing application is in)
  • Added search fields
    • Search by project’s street address
    • Search by/for other participants [i.e., main contact, adjoiner(s), FYIs, those with party status, Jurisdictional Opinion (JO)/Project Review Sheet (PRS) requesting party, those with significant legal interest, ANR Specialist (when listed), & friend(s) of the Commission]
    • Search by project name, when present
    • Search by date range
  • Access to more records
    • Hundreds of older records not previously available online are included as of February 1, 2022, thanks to the merge of records from a second internal database
    • Search results (up to 1000 records, previoulsy limited to 500) are now downloadable as an Excel spreadsheet
  • Map view
    • Location map is provided; powered by Google Maps
    • A link to ANR Atlas’s corresponding project data point is also provided when coordinates have been provided by the applicant. All new appications have this information. Older records often do not.

Weekly Act 250 Agenda

  • Generated automatically when applications are placed on public notice or when certain decisions are issued (JOs and any reconsiderations, permits, findings, permit denials, and withdrawn or dismissed permit applications)
  • Includes a link to corresponding project datapoint in ANR Atlas
  • Includes a link to the project location map (powered by Google Maps)
  • Anyone can automatically subscribe to/unsubscribe from weekly Agenda email
  • Agenda automatically emailed same time and same day every week (Monday around 3 AM EST)
  • 3 weeks of agenda projects presented: current, prior, and following week