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Jurisdictional Opinions & Project Review Sheets

A jurisdictional opinion (JO) is a written ruling that determines whether a proposed development or subdivision is subject to Act 250 and whether an Act 250 permit is required. JOs are issued by the Act 250 District Coordinators pursuant to 10 V.S.A. § 6007(c) and Act 250 Rule 3. Project Review Sheets (PRSs) are issued by the Agency of Natural Resources Permit Specialist and include an Act 250 JO issued by a District Coordinator.

JOs that originally appeared on this page have been relocated and consolidated with other JO records in our Act 250 database online, which, at this time, only includes recent JOs (generally dating from 2008 to the present). If you would like to request copies of JOs or PRSs from earlier years, please contact your district office. To request a new written jurisdictional opinion, contact your district coordinator. See the NRB’s JO Guidelines for details.

A JO may be appealed to the Environmental Division of the Vermont Superior Court within 30 days of the issuance of the ruling. In this context, a JO listed in the Act 250 database may not be the final ruling for the jurisdictional issue presented. Please check the Superior Court, Environmental Division website for information about any JO appeals.