File Name File Category Date File Formatsort descending
Re: Spruce Lake Assocation, Inc., Declaratory Ruling #433, Memorandum of Decision and Scheduling Order, (February 4, 2005) PDF icon dr433-mod.pdf Decisions 04 Feb 2005 PDF
RE: Herbert and Patricia Clark, #1R0785-EB, Memorandum of Decision, Docket #652M1 (Feb. 5, 1997) PDF icon 1r0785-eb-mod.pdf Decisions 15 Feb 1997 PDF
RE: Callahan Oil Company, Dismissal Order, Land Use Permit #2W0573-3-EB, Docket #284 (Jun. 4, 1987) PDF icon 2w0573-3-eb-dis.pdf Decisions 04 Jun 1987 PDF
PRS 3: Free Verse Farm Campground, Chelsea, VT; February 6, 2019 PDF icon PRS-3-FreeVerseFarmCampground-Chelsea-02-06-19.pdf 06 Feb 2019 PDF
PRS 5: Sara Travis, Northfield, VT; September 18, 2020 PDF icon PRS5SaraTravisNorthfield09182020.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 18 Sep 2020 PDF
RE: John A. Russell Corporation and Crushed Rock, Inc., Application #1R0849-6-EB(Remand)-EB, Chair's Preliminary Ruling, Docket #723(Remand)-EB (Aug. 1, 2001) PDF icon 1r0849-6-eb-rem-eb-cpr.pdf Decisions 01 Aug 2001 PDF
Environmental Court Order - Paul Lumbra PDF icon lumbra-order.pdf Final Assurances of Discontinuance 01 Feb 2010 PDF
RE: South Burlington Realty Co., Application #4C0154-6-EB, Dismissal Order, Docket #489 (Jul. 2, 1991) PDF icon 4c0154-6-eb-dis.pdf Decisions 02 Jul 1991 PDF
Judgment Order and Final Citation - Chief Crushing & Excavation, Inc., 15EC00043 PDF icon chief crushing-order and citation-15EC00043-(2).pdf Final Citations 30 Mar 2015 PDF
RE: New England Telephone & Telegraph and Central Vermont Public Service Corp., Land Use Permit Amendments #2W0037-1-EB and #2W0579-EB, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order, Docket #210 (Nov. 30, 1983) PDF icon 2w0579-eb-fco.pdf Decisions 30 Nov 1983 PDF


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