File Name File Category Date File Formatsort descending
RE: Stanmar, Inc., Land Use Permit #5L0558, Revocation Petition, Order of Dismissal, Docket #295 (Jul. 15, 1986) PDF icon 5l0558-revoc-dis.pdf Decisions 15 Jul 1986 PDF
Reconsideration Decision PDF icon mli jo reconsideration decision.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 20 Dec 2013 PDF
RE: Putney Paper Co., Inc., #2W0436-6-EB (Revocation), Chair's Memo to Parties, Docket #583 (Feb. 2, 1995) PDF icon 2w0436-6-eb-revoc-mtp.pdf Decisions 02 Feb 1995 PDF
RE: John A. Russell Corporation, Land Use Permit #1R0257-2-EB-1, Memorandum of Decision and Order, Docket #415 (Jun. 14, 1990) PDF icon 1r0257-2-eb-1-mod-ord.pdf Decisions 14 Jun 1990 PDF
PRS-5: Helen Walker, Hyde Park, VT; April 15, 2019 PDF icon PRS5helenwalkerhydepark041519.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 15 Apr 2019 PDF
Judgment Order and Final Citation - Green Mountain Power, December PDF icon gmp-order and citation.pdf Final Citations 22 Dec 2014 PDF
04-13-2021 NRB Board Meeting Minutes PDF icon 2021-04-13 NATURAL RESOURCES BOARD MEETING Minutes .pdf Board Minutes 14 May 2021 PDF
RE: Pathway Ministries, Ltd. and Charles L. Rubner, Land Use Permit #5W1336-EB with Chair's Memo to Parties, Docket #740 (Jun. 2, 2000) PDF icon 5w1336-eb-lup.pdf Decisions 02 Feb 2000 PDF
RE: Stokes Communication Corporation and Idora Tucker, Land Use Permit #3R0703-EB (Appeal and Revocation), Memorandum of Decision Pertaining to Objections, Docket #562M6 (Jul. 22, 1993) PDF icon 3r0703-eb-app-revoc-obj-mod.pdf Decisions 22 Jul 1993 PDF
RE: Woodstock Heritage Ltd., Land Use Permit Amendment #3W0373-1-EB, Docket #167 (Nov. 10, 1981) PDF icon 3w0373-1-eb-lup.pdf Decisions 10 Nov 1981 PDF


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