File Name File Category Date File Formatsort ascending
RE: Northern Development Enterprises, Land Use Permit Amendment #5W0901-R-5-EB, Memorandum of Decision, Docket #627 (Aug. 21, 1995) Plain text icon 5w0901-r-5-eb-mod.txt Decisions 21 Aug 1995 Text
RE: Crushed Rock, Inc. and Pike Industries, Inc., Land Use Permit Amendment #1R0489-4-EB (Revised), Docket #572(REV) (Jun. 21, 1994) Plain text icon 1r0489-4-eb-rev-lup.txt Decisions 21 Jun 1994 Text
RE: Fayston Farms Homeowners' Association, Land Use Permit Amendment #5W0375-8-EB, Dismissal Order, Docket #640 (Oct. 19, 1995) Plain text icon 5w0375-8-eb-dis.txt Decisions 19 Oct 1995 Text
RE: Stokes Communications Corporation and Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile, Declaratory Ruling #315, Chair's Preliminary Ruling, DR#315 (Apr. 18, 1996) Plain text icon dr315-cpr.txt Decisions 18 Apr 1996 Text
RE: Investors Corporation of Vermont and Greentree Park, Inc., Land Use Permit #4C0149-8-EB, Dismissal Order, Docket #603 (Oct. 18, 1994) Plain text icon 4c0149-8-eb-dis.txt Decisions 18 Oct 1994 Text
RE: East Williston Road Associates and Paul and Helena Blair, Land Use Permit #4C0388-A-11-H3-EB, Dismissal Order, Docket #620 (Jan. 5, 1995) Plain text icon 4c0388-a-11-h3-eb-dis.txt Decisions 05 Jan 1995 Text
RE: John and Marion Gross d/b/a John Gross Sand and Gravel, Application #5W1198-EB, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order, Docket #606 (Apr. 27, 1995) Plain text icon 5w1198-eb-fco.txt Decisions 27 Apr 1995 Text
RE: Okemo Mountain, Inc., Application #2S0351-16-EB, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Dismissal Order, Docket #566 (Jun. 28, 1995) Plain text icon 2s0351-16-eb-fcdo.txt Decisions 28 Jun 1995 Text
RE: Realty Resources Chartered and Bradford Housing Associates, Land Use Permit #3R0678-EB (Corrected), Docket #546 (May 2, 1994) Plain text icon 3r0678-eb-corr-lup.txt Decisions 02 May 1994 Text
RE: Mt. Mansfield Co., Inc. d/b/a Stowe Mountain Resort, Land Use Permit #5L0646-3-EB (Revocation), Dismissal Order, Docket #593 (Jun. 22, 1994) Plain text icon 5l0646-3-eb-revoc-dis.txt Decisions 22 Jun 1994 Text


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