File Name File Category Date File Formatsort descending
RE: Ronald E. Tucker, Declaratory Ruling #165, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order, DR#165 (Feb. 27, 1985) PDF icon dr165-fco.pdf Decisions 27 Feb 1985 PDF
PRS 5: Al Monty, Barre Town, VT; May 15, 2019 PDF icon PRS5AlMontyBarreTown051519.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 15 May 2019 PDF
JO #2-272; Greene/Beranek; Town Farm Road in Ludlow, June 6, 2011 PDF icon 2-272.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 06 Jun 2011 PDF
Environmental Court Order - Richard J. Downing PDF icon downing-order.pdf Final Assurances of Discontinuance 07 Aug 2008 PDF
RE: Jerrold D. MacKenzie and Katherine G. Stone, Land Use Permit #5W1047-EB, Memorandum of Decision Addressing Request for Investigation, Docket #484M (Nov. 16, 1990) PDF icon 5w1047-eb-mod-rfi.pdf Decisions 16 Nov 1990 PDF
RE: Burger King, #8B0163-10-1, Docket #145 (Sep. 10, 1980) PDF icon 8b0163-10-1.pdf Decisions 10 Sep 1980 PDF
NRCS Web Soil Survey Instructions PDF icon nrcswebsoilsurveyinstr.pdf Guidance 01 Sep 2006 PDF
RE: Barre Granite Quarries, LLC, and William and Margaret Dyott, Land Use Permit Application #7C1079(Revised)-EB, Memorandum of Decision Addressing Various Matters, Docket #739M2 (Oct. 8, 1999) PDF icon 7c1079-rev-eb-mod-var.pdf Decisions 08 Oct 1999 PDF
RE: Stokes Communiciations Corporation and Idora Tucker, Land Use Permit Amendment #3R0703-EB, Docket #562 (Dec. 13, 1993) PDF icon 3r0703-eb-lup.pdf Decisions 13 Dec 1993 PDF
RE: Flanders Lumber Co., Land Use Permit #4C0695-EB, Memorandum of Decision, Docket #350M (Nov. 23, 1987) PDF icon 4c0695-eb-mod.pdf Decisions 23 Nov 1987 PDF


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