File Name File Category Date File Formatsort descending
PRS-4: 88 Main Street Subdivision and SFRs, Milton; May 11, 2020 PDF icon PRS-4-88MainSt-Milton-051120.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 11 May 2020 PDF
Act 250 Statute (Effective July 1, 1993) PDF icon statute 7-1-1993.pdf Statutes 01 Jul 1993 PDF
RE: Dr. Anthony Lapinsky and Dr. Colleen Smith, Land Use Permit Applications #5L1018-4 / 5L0426-9-EB, Memorandum of Decision, Docket #824M1 (May 29, 2003) PDF icon 5l1018-4-etc-mod.pdf Decisions 29 May 2003 PDF
RE: J.P. Carrara and Sons, Inc., Application #1R0589-EB, Memorandum of Decision Pertaining to Request for Stay, Docket #498 (Jun. 8, 1992) PDF icon 1r0589-eb-rfs-mod.pdf Decisions 08 Jun 1992 PDF
RE: Howard and Louise Leach, Application #6F0316-EB, Memorandum of Decision and Order, Docket #299M (Nov. 3, 1986) PDF icon 6f0316-eb-mod-ord-sta.pdf Decisions 03 Nov 1986 PDF
PRS 7; Martin Klein; Groton, VT; April 24, 2019 PDF icon PRS-7-KleinPub.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 08 May 2019 PDF
JO #3-142; Joe and Patricia Fuster; Pittsfield, September 25, 2012 PDF icon 3-142.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 25 Sep 2012 PDF
RE: Taft Corners Associates, Inc., Land Use Permit Amendment #4C0696-11-EB (Revised), with Exhibit B, Williston Offsite Improvements, Docket #532R2 (May 5, 1995) PDF icon 4c0696-11-eb-rev-lup.pdf Decisions 05 May 1995 PDF
RE: Sigda Lumber, Inc., Land Use Permit #2W0749-EB (Revocation), Memorandum of Decision and Order, Docket #432 (Sep. 17, 1990) PDF icon 2w0749-eb-revoc-mod.pdf Decisions 17 Sep 1990 PDF
Final Assurance of Discontinuance - Okemo Realty, Inc. PDF icon okemo realty-aod.pdf Final Assurances of Discontinuance 22 Mar 2010 PDF


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