File Name File Category Date File Formatsort descending
RE: Charles Christolini, Declaratory Ruling #208, DR#208 (Mar. 19 1990) PDF icon dr208.pdf Decisions 19 Mar 1990 PDF
Final Assurance of Discontinuance - Jonathan Crowell d/b/a Amazing Planet Farm PDF icon amazing planet farm-aod.pdf Final Assurances of Discontinuance 22 Nov 2010 PDF
PRS-7: Jim O'Reillly/DOR Associates; Lyndon, VT; February 14, 2019 PDF icon PRS-7-JimOreillyDOR Associates2lots.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 14 Feb 2019 PDF
RE: Ruby Iantosca, Land Use Permit #2S1085-EB, Memorandum of Decision and Dismissal Order, Docket #764 (Oct. 23, 2000) PDF icon 2s1085-eb-mod-dis.pdf Decisions 23 Oct 2000 PDF
RE: Raymond, James and Leslie Rowley, Application #4C0534-1-EB, Memorandum of Decision and Order, Docket #577M1 (May 12, 1993) PDF icon 4c0534-1-eb-mod.pdf Decisions 12 May 1993 PDF
RE: William Dibbern, Land Use Permit Amendment #5R0194-1-EB, Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, Docket #158 (Jul. 16, 1981) PDF icon 5r0194-1-eb-fc.pdf Decisions 16 Jul 1981 PDF
PRS 5: Talc Mill Trails, Johnson, VT; December 9, 2019 PDF icon PRS5TalcMillTrailsjohnson120919.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 09 Dec 2019 PDF
Larz Allen & Patty Genadio PDF icon allen-genadio 12-8-13.pdf Public Comments (Enforcement) 08 Dec 2013 PDF
Re: Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order, Declaratory Ruling #430 (March 11, 2005) PDF icon dr430-fco.pdf Decisions 11 Mar 2005 PDF
RE: Burlington Broadcasters, Inc., Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services, Inc., and John Lane, Application #4C1004-EB, Dismissal Order, Docket #670 (Apr. 24, 1997) PDF icon 4c1004-eb-dis.pdf Decisions 24 Apr 1997 PDF


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