File Name File Category Date File Formatsort descending
Final Administrative Order - Hazel Mohan and Markowski Excavating, Inc. PDF icon mohan ao.pdf Final Administrative Orders 03 Jan 2011 PDF
RE: Okemo Pines Development c/o The Gassetts Group, Inc. and Northeast Land Investments, Inc., Land Use Permit #2S0036 and Amendments (Revocation), Corrected Dismissal Order, Docket #470 (Oct. 16, 1990) PDF icon 2s0036-cor-dis.pdf Decisions 16 Oct 1990 PDF
Judgment Order and Final Citation - Chief Crushing & Excavation, Inc., 15EC00042 PDF icon chief crushing-order and citation-15EC00042-(4).pdf Final Citations 30 Mar 2015 PDF
RE: Central Vermont Public Service Corp. and Verizon New England (Jamaica), Land Use Permit Application #2W1146-EB (Altered), Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order (Altered), Docket #817 (Altered) (Dec. 19, 2003) PDF icon 2w1146-eb-fco-alt.pdf Decisions 19 Dec 2003 PDF
PRS-7: Burklyn Taproom; Burke, VT; January 14, 2019 PDF icon PRS-7-BurklynTaproom.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 14 Jan 2019 PDF
RE: David and Joyce Gonyon, Land Use Permit #5W1025-EB, Prehearing Conference Report and Order, Docket #510 (Mar. 22, 1991) PDF icon 5w1025-eb-pcr-ord.pdf Decisions 22 Mar 1991 PDF
RE: Newmont Slate Co., Inc., Declaratory Ruling Request #382, Dismissal Order, DR#382 (Mar. 29, 2000) PDF icon dr382-dis.pdf Decisions 29 Mar 2000 PDF
RE: New England Tel. & Tel. Co. and Central Vermont Public Service Corporation, Land Use Permit Amendment #1R0436-1-EB, Docket #176 (May 14, 1982) PDF icon 1r0436-1-eb-lup.pdf Decisions 14 May 1982 PDF
PRS-4: 1 Allen Martin Drive Commercial Buildings, Essex; February 21, 2020 PDF icon PRS-4-1AllenMartinDrive-Essex-022120.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 21 Feb 2020 PDF
PRS-4: 41 Alpine Drive Failed WW System, Jericho; July 28, 2020 PDF icon PRS-4-41AlpineDrive-Jericho-072820.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 28 Jul 2020 PDF


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