File Name File Category Date File Formatsort descending
RE: Fair Haven Housing Limited Partnership and McDonald's Corporation, Land Use Permit #1R0639-2-EB, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order, Docket #643 (Apr. 16, 1996) Plain text icon 1r0639-2-eb-fco.txt Decisions 16 Apr 1996 Text
RE: William and Tarra Ferrone, d/b/a Sykes Hollow Kennels, Declaratory Ruling Request #294, Memorandum of Decision, DR#294M1 (May 19, 1994) Plain text icon dr294-mod.txt Decisions 19 May 1994 Text
RE: Stokes Communications Corp. and Idora Tucker, Land Use Permit #3R0703-EB, Memorandum of Decision Pertaining to Requests to Clarify and Change, Docket #562 (Sep. 29, 1995) Plain text icon 3r0703-eb-rcc-mod.txt Decisions 29 Sep 1995 Text
RE: Kelly Green Recycling Facility, Declaratory Ruling #293, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order, DR#293 (Aug. 24, 1994) Plain text icon dr293-fco.txt Decisions 24 Aug 1994 Text
RE: John and Marion Gross, Land Use Permit #5W1198-EB, Docket #606 (Apr. 27, 1995) Plain text icon 5w1198-eb-lup.txt Decisions 27 Apr 1995 Text
RE: Derby Plaza Associates Limited Partnership, Nelson Farms, Inc., Omer Choquette, and Carl, Norma, and Earl Hackett, Application #7R0886-EB, Memorandum of Decision, Docket #597M2 (Mar. 30, 1994) Plain text icon 7r0886-eb-mta-mod.txt Decisions 30 Mar 1994 Text
RE: Hummel Gravel Pit, Declaratory Ruling Request #271, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Dismissal Order, DR#271 (Jun. 29, 1995) Plain text icon dr271-fcdo.txt Decisions 29 Jun 1995 Text
RE: Spring Brook Farm Foundation, Inc., Declaratory Ruling #290, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order, DR#290 (May 20, 1994) Plain text icon dr290-fco.txt Decisions 20 May 1994 Text
RE: MBL Associates, Inc., Application #4C0948-EB, Memorandum of Decision and Order, Docket #610M1 (Oct. 2, 1995) Plain text icon 4c0948-eb-mod-ord.txt Decisions 02 Oct 1995 Text
RE: Barre City Property of Northfield Savings Bank, Declaratory Ruling #299, Dismissal Order, DR#299 (Nov. 14, 1994) Plain text icon dr299-dis.txt Decisions 14 Nov 1994 Text


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