File Name File Category Date File Formatsort descending
RE: Sherman Hollow, Inc. Richard A. Gadbois, Trustee, Estate of Ned H. Pettingill, and Roger Lussier and Arthur Elliot, Application #4C0422-5-EB, Memorandum of Decision Addressing Appeals, Docket #366 (Feb. 3, 1988) PDF icon 4c0422-5-eb-mod-app.pdf Decisions 03 Feb 1988 PDF
Natural Resources Board vs. Green Mountain Land Development and Gravel Co.August 29, 2019 PDF icon GMLDGC Proposed AOD 29 Aug 2019 PDF
Phil Chadderdon PDF icon chadderdon.pdf Public Comments (Enforcement) 09 Dec 2015 PDF
Superior Court, Environmental Division Order - Big Rock Gravel, LLC, Cullen Howe, Seth Howe, and A. Scott Howe v. A. Scott Howe and Jennifer C. Howe v. A.S.H. Inc. and A. Scott Howe PDF icon big rock howe ash-order.pdf Final Assurances of Discontinuance 11 Jan 2011 PDF
RE: Barre Granite Quarries, LLC, and William and Margaret Dyott, Land Use Permit Application #7C1079(Revised)-EB, Memorandum of Decision Addressing Various Matters, Docket #739M2 (Oct. 8, 1999) PDF icon 7c1079-rev-eb-mod-var.pdf Decisions 08 Oct 1999 PDF
RE: Felix J. Callan, Land Use Permit #5W1056-EB, Dismissal Order, Docket #481 (Oct. 26, 1992) PDF icon 5w1056-eb-dis.pdf Decisions 26 Oct 1992 PDF
Board Meeting Minutes November 13, 2018 PDF icon Board Meeting Minutes November 13, 2018.pdf 13 Nov 2018 PDF
JO 4-269(Revised): Mansion Street Apartments, Winooski; June 26, 2020 PDF icon JO 4-269(Revised).pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 26 Jun 2020 PDF
RE: Allen Brook Investments, LLC and Raymond Beaudry, Land Use Permit Application #4C1110-EB, Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, and Order, Docket #833 (January 27, 2004) PDF icon 4c1110-fco.pdf Decisions 27 Jan 2004 PDF
RE: Sandra-North, Inc., Land Use Permit #4C0973-EB, Dismissal Order, Docket #650 (May 21, 1996) PDF icon 4c0973-eb-dis.pdf Decisions 21 May 1996 PDF


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