Natural Resources Board and Staff

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The Natural Resources Board (NRB) consists of a full-time Chair, 4 citizen volunteer members, and up to 5 alternates. The members of the board are appointed by the Governor to 4-year staggered terms, except the Chair who serves at the pleasure of the Governor.

The NRB’s primary function is to administer Act 250. This includes supporting the 9 District Environmental Commissions who review Act 250 applications, procedural and substantive rulemaking, and participation in Act 250 appeals and enforcement matters before the Environmental Division of the Superior Court. The Board is suported by legal and administrative staff in the Montpelier Central Office.

Board Members

  • Sabina Haskell, Chair
  • Brad Aldrich, Vice Chair (Exp. 1/31/2025)
  • Steven Larrabee  (Exp. 1/31/2022)
  • Donald Turner (Exp. 1/31/2023)
  • Andrew Collier (Exp. 2/29/2024)

Alternate Members

  • Elizabeth Courtney (Exp. 1/31/2024)
  • Gail Fallar (Exp. 1/31/2017)
  • Julie Wolcott (Exp. 1/31/2024)


Board Staff

Act 250 Permit Process Survey Form - (non-front page)


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