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About Us

District Commission site visitThe Natural Resources Board (NRB) is an independent entity in the Executive Branch of Vermont State government. The primary function of the Board is to administer Act 250 (10 V.S.A. Chapter 151), Vermont’s Land Use and Development Law, enacted in 1970  to regulate certain types of development and subdivision in Vermont. Land Use Permits are issued by nine District Environmental Commissions, supported by full-time staff located in five district offices. The NRB is served by a total of 24 full-time employees and approximately 70 citizen volunteer Commissioners and Board members. For a complete listing of our staff in alphabetical order by last name, click here.

In addition to administering the Act 250 program in the district offices , the NRB issues rules and policies related to Act 250, and provides training and legal assistance to District Commissions and staff. The NRB is responsible for enforcement of Act 250, and may participate as a party in appeals from Act 250 decisions to the Superior Court, Environmental Division. In July 2016, the NRB assumed a new statutory function: hearing appeals of energy compliance determinations made by the Commissioner of the Department of Public Service.

This website provides information about the Act 250 program, District Commission cases, and any pending Act 250 rules. The Superior Court, Environmental Division website provides information on Act 250 appeals and other environmental and land use appeals. 

Please Note the Following Changes

Effective July 1, 2013, the Land Use Panel and the Water Resources Panel were eliminated. The functions of the former Land Use Panel were transferred to the Natural Resources Board effective July 1, 2013. The rulemaking and policy functions of the former Water Resources Panel were transferred to the Agency of Natural Resources in 2012. Information formerly available on the Water Resources Panel website are available on the ANR Watershed Management Division website

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