File Name File Category Date File Formatsort descending
RE: Lilly Propane, Inc., Land Use Permit #2S0859-3-EB, Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law and Order, Docket #634 (Nov. 3, 1995) PDF icon 2s0859-3-eb-fco.pdf Decisions 03 Nov 1995 PDF
Re: Town of Barre Millstone Hill West Bike Path, Declaratory Ruling #440, Memorandum of Decision (January 3, 2005) PDF icon dr440-mod.pdf Decisions 03 Jan 2005 PDF
RE: Andrew L. and Helen K. Orzel, Declaratory Ruling #140, Memorandum of Decision, DR#140 (Aug. 23, 1983) PDF icon dr140-mod.pdf Decisions 23 Aug 1983 PDF
Environmental Court Order - Granville Manufacturing Co., Inc., Robert and Carol Fuller PDF icon fuller-order.pdf Final Assurances of Discontinuance 11 May 2009 PDF
RE: Barre Granite Quarries, LLC, and William and Margaret Dyott, Land Use Permit Application #7C1079(Revised)-EB, Memorandum of Decision Addressing Motion to Alter Noise Demonstration Protocol, Docket #739 (May 18, 2000) PDF icon 7c1079-rev-eb-mod-mta-ndp.pdf Decisions 18 May 2000 PDF
Priority Housing Flowchart PDF icon PriorityHousingFlowChart170619.pdf Guidance PDF
RE: Everdale Ridge Corporation, Land Use Permit #500028-EB, Dismissal Order, Docket #411 (Mar. 29, 1989) PDF icon 500028-eb-dis.pdf Decisions 29 Mar 1989 PDF
RE: J.P. Carrara & Sons, Inc., Land Use Permit #1R0589-3-EB (Third Revision), Acting Chair's Memorandum to Certificate of Service Listees, Docket #554R3 (Apr. 21, 1995) Plain text icon 1r0589-3-eb-3rev-acm.txt Decisions 21 Apr 1995 PDF
JO #7-260; Karl A. Rinker, Lunenburg; June 20, 2008 PDF icon jo7-260.pdf Jurisdictional Opinions 20 Jun 2008 PDF
RE: Sugarbush Village Transit and Sugarbush Condominiums and Properties, Appeal #5W0793-EB, Notice of Dismissal, Docket #242 (Dec. 23, 1985) PDF icon 5w0793-eb-dis.pdf Decisions 23 Dec 1985 PDF


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